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Referrals Advice

Contact us to let us know you want to refer a patient.
You will then be provided with a password and login details. 
In order to refer a patient the information can be provided on line:
  • We will need
  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact details including mobile phone and email address
  • Patients dentist details (GDC number)
  • Patients doctor details
  • Patients NHS number
  • Details about the Patients treatment
  • Details about the Patients current condition

Type nerve injury

What mechanism (LA, Third molar surgery, Implant, Endo other)
Duration of nerve injury (days, weeks months) date of injury
We may ask additional specific questions related to the mechanism of nerve injury
When we receive your referral letter by fax or email we will arrange for the patient will be sent a unique password and login code. This will give you access to other areas of the website that can help your patient to understand more about your condition and perhaps manage it better.
Your patient will be asked lots of questions about your
personal details, your current condition including:
  • Your patient’s pain profile
  • How Your patient is functioning on a daily basis and quality of life

We will also ask your patient some psychological questionnaires about pain and altered sensation and their quality of life.

Useful documents

Care Quality Commission 

Serious injury to a person who uses the service LINK

REFERRAL of Trigeminal nerve injury