About us

The Trigeminal Foundation  is a sub-committee of the Dalgleish Trust (UK registered charity No. 1147817).

This website has been developed by the Trigeminal Foundation to educate, prevent and manage trigeminal nerve injuries by providing information for both patients and clinicians.

These injuries are not caused on purpose and are an unfortunate complication of injections and surgery around the orofacial region. To date very little is published and not enough clear information is available about these potentially avoidable nerve injuries.

When these complications happen it can be a devastating and isolating experience; especially for the patient but also for the clinician. Because prevention is better than cure, we primarily aim to reduce the incidence of these nerve injuries by highlighting the issue and by providing better education for clinicians, both qualified and in training. But because sadly these injuries will continue to occur whilst we work on prevention, we also aim to provide reliable evidence-based information to educate patients on how best to cope and manage their nerve injuries.

Project Lead:

Tara Renton, Project Director and Professor of Oral Surgery, Kings College London

Mike Dalgleish, Chairman, Project Sponsor and Trustee of the Dalgleish Trust.

Clinical team: 

  • Dr Cathy, Bryant Clinical Lead and Consultant Oral Surgeon
  • Dr Sarah Barker, Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Lisa Page, Liaison Psychiatrist
  • Dr Leigh Ann Elias, GDP and clinical researcher
  • Dr Zehra Yilmaz, Post Doctorate Senior Researcher
  • Dr Jared Smith, Health Psychologist
  • Dr Andrew Webb, Restorative Dentist GDP and Webinairs Dental Channel lead.
  • Dr Sam Chong, Consultant Neurologist
  • Dr Tom Smith, Pain Management Consultant
  • Dr Sinan Barazi, Nuerosurgery Consultant
  • Sandra Read and her Dental Nursing team at King’s College Hospital

We thank all our colleagues above (and those not listed) without whose support and commitment this Project and Website would not be possible.