Aims and objectives  

“education, management and prevention of trigeminal nerve injuries related to dental surgery”

For patients

  • help patient referrals when required 
  • help patients gaining appropriate assistance and treatment prior to referral
  • improve the management of nerve injuries
  • evaluate and advise on management techniques
  • advise patients on how to manage their pain, and functional and psychological issues
  • promote patient group development and mutual support
  • facilitate patient involvement in service delivery and clinical research development

For clinicians 

  • originate information to prevent these injuries
  • educate clinicians on how to avoid these injuries
  • involve trainees and students in this programme
  • promote literature relating highlight developments
  • advice when asked by any member of the public
  • assistance when urgent patient referrals are appropriate
  • advice about optimum treatment prior to patient referral
  • deliver a forum for continued professional development linked to recent literature and conferences
  • facilitate clinician involvement in service delivery and clinical research development


  • prevent these nerve injuries from happening in the first place where possible
  • improve the management of these nerve injuries overall
  • dispel myths and misinformation about these injuries