Referrals for patients

If you think that your dentist or professional has caused a nerve injury, you need to seek expert advice from a specialist.

If you have had dental implants placed in your lower jaw, or you have had a root canal filling in your lower jaw, and the numbness, altered sensations or strange pain (or a combination of these feelings) persist after your injections have worn off (say after 6 hours),  then the nerve may be damaged.

If these strange feelings  persist for more than 12 hours let us know (contact) and contact you dentist and/or GP for advice and possibly a letter of referral that can be mailed of faxed to us; or email to us directly.

Making a Formal Complaint – Recommended

If you have permanent nerve injury confirmed in the UK, you can to register a complaint in a number of ways.  Obviously you should start with your dentist. In addition, it’s very important to report via the CQC website (see below):

–    write or email directly to your dentist

–    write or email directly to your GP or doctor
–    call NHS Direct NHS Direct on 0845 4647

–    via a variety of routes as explained on NHS Patient Choice website:  Click Here

–    write or online with the Care Quality Commission (more information below)

We would particularly encourage you to report any dental nerve injury which lasts for 28 days or longer to the UK Care Quality Commission. First click here to access the CQC website. Then:

–    Click on the “Dentists” tab in the middle of the page;

–    Enter your dentist’s postcode or name in the box;

–    In the Search Results, click on your dentist’s surgery name;

–    Scroll down and click on the Tab “Please Tell Us Your Experience”

–    Fill in the form and click on the “Submit” on the bottom.

The CQC report is particularly important and relevant because the dentist too is obliged to report your injury when he knows it has lasted 28 days.  Dont worry that your dentist will mind you doing this; it is an infrequent event for most dental surgeries and they will not be offended.  You could remind your dentist he should report via CQC at 28 days too. The Health Department very much wants to know about injuries accidentily occuring and you will be helping in this aim.

We strongly recommend you do report your injury at least via one channel as this will help attention being focussed on this aspect of dental surgury and potentially help bring forward solutions so others do not suffer as you have.

Referral information for dentists

When to refer patients with Trigeminal nerve injuries LINK