Introduction for clinicians

Dear Clinician

Your interest and participation in this site is wholeheartedly welcome. We Hope that this site wont be needed too often for referrals as these injuries are rare thankfully. However, at the same time we want to highlight how dreadful these injuries can be for the patients and to illustrate to you how easy it is to prevent them!

We aim to provide reliable information, which is evidence based information where possible, to educate patients on how best to cope and manage their nerve injuries. In addition we aim to reduce the incidence of these nerve injuries by highlighting the issue and by providing better education for clinicians both qualified and in training.

All our future publications will be linked for CPD to this site (CPD diary). We will have a topic each month with a presented lecture and subsequent question section to which you can submit your answers get simple feedback and gain continued professional development recognition in the form of a certificate that you can print out.

It is the aim that this will become a preferred site for you to gain simple and clear guidance for oral surgery, nerve injury and pain topics. With separate clinician and patient chat rooms interactions is encouraged, in addition I will be providing a monthly blog! (links chat room blog)

Without your participation and feedback we cant make this interesting and fun. With your involvement we aim to have an evolving useful website for your delectation! (link to feedback)

We look forward to hearing from you

Tara Renton

The team behind this website are the Trigeminal Trust Charity. Trustees are Tara Renton (Professor of Oral Surgery Kings College London) and Mike Dalgleish (a sufferer of trigeminal nerve injury subsequent to local anaesthetic injections for dental treatment).