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Nerve Injuries

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What you need to tell your doctor and dentist

When these injuries occur it have a devastating effect on both patient and clinician. You need to build up your confidence to getting back to routine dentistry and this requires work by both patient and dentist.

Some dentists who are not very familiar with your symptoms may be reluctant to treat you , but you MUST continue with routine dental care to prevent future complications.

What to tell your doctor and dentist

Just print out this page on your computer and take this to your dentist, or use it as a reminder as to what to say.

Dear Dentist,

 I am a patient who has suffered nerve injury, following previous dental treatment.

  • Please provide preventative and routine dentistry as normal. 
  • If I have chronic neuropathic pain and/or acute flare-up in the area of my nerve injury be aware my mouth may be more sensitive. 
  • Avoid ID blocks by using Articaine buccal infiltrations 

Contact …………………………………………….


if there is any question about my patient management needs.


Thank you for taking account of my injury this way.