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Our research Staff


Dental Institute Clinical Orofacial Multi disciplinary pain clinic


Professor Tara Renton

Oral Surgery KCL / Hon Cons KCHFT / GSTFT


Dr Sam Chong

Neurology   Consultant KCHFT


Dr Tom Smith

Pain management Input STH


Mr Nick Leese

Neurosurgeon KCH


Mr Sinan Barazi

Neurosurgeon KCH


Mr Peter Bullock

Neurosurgeon KCH


Dr Lisa Page

Liaison Psychiatrist


Dr Sarah Barker

Clinical psychologist


Dr Leigh Ann Morgan

GDP and Clinical teacher


Dr Jared Smith  

Health Psychology




Other clinical staff


Professor Saman

Oral Medicine KCL / Honorary Consultant KCHFT


Dr Michael Escudier

Consultant Oral Medicine GSTFT


Dr Tim Poate

Consultant Oral Medicine KCHFT


Dr Helen Mac Pharlane

Staff Grade Oral Medicine GSTFT


Nicky James

Health psychologist


Professor Ray Chaudery

Neurology   Consultant KCHFT


Professor Ammar AlChalabi

Neurology  Consultant KCHFT  genetics



Academic trainees


ACF Nadine Khawaja           clinical PhD student

ACF Kiran Beneng               clinical PhD student

ACF Clare Gleeson              clinical PhD student



KCL Non clinical


Professor Lucy Di Silvio Lead KCL Dental tissue engineering

Dr Garrit Koller   Post Doc Oral Surgery

Dr Obi Egbuniwe PhD student Oral Surgery

Dr Andy Grant MRC Post Doc KCL Wolfson Institute

Dr Brenda Williams   Senior lecturer James Black Centre

Dr Zehra Yilmaz Post Doc PT RA Oral Surgery






Professor Steve Williams

Dr Matthew Howard

Ms Kristina Krause PhD Student

Professor Gunter Schumann IoP SGBD






Professor Praveen Anand Dept Peripheral neuropathy Imperial College

Paul Facer and Yiangos Yiangou Post Docs

Dr Anish Bahra Neurologist Queens Square

Professor Joanna Zakzrewska Oral Medicine Consultant UCL

Professor Tony Pogrel Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery UCSF

Prof Margie Byers Neurophysiology University Washington Seattle



Laboratories used


Prof Anand Imperial College Hammersmith 

Dr Andy Grant Wolfson Institute KCL Guys

Prof Lucy Di Silvio Biomaterials KCL Guys