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Trigeminal neuralgia?


 My name is -------- and I am 36 year old living in Maidstone. I had a shocking type of pain on my right chin which would trigger by touching.  I thought it was a dental pain. After few months the pain disappeared itself. About a week after the pain disappeared it began in my jaw on the same side. This time it was more like a tooth pain which would occur while chewing food. This time went to see the private dentist. Upon x-rays, it showed an abscess in the root of one molar tooth where rct was done few years ago. Dentist recommended for extraction and I agreed.  It was a surgical extraction. I went home with some antibiotic hoping the pain would go. From the following day of extraction the pain very gradually developed which was even more worse than before. It wad like electric shock and pin stabbing which would last for few seconds and go completely.

After a week after extraction i went to dentist on last tuesday (11march) to remove stitches and he suggested, since the pain worsen after extraction it could be an injury to trigeminal nerve due to injection or surgery and may heal in few days. Pain was gradually lessen and I was hopeful that this would end eventually. Today the episodes of stabbing pain came again. I still hope its a nervedamage due to extraction not the actual trigeminal neuralgia. 
If this is due to dental work is there a chance for full recovery? and does medication for tn helps for this type of injury? your help and advice would be very much appreciated.

Kind Regards


Sounds likely that you have trigeminal neuralgia
You need to see your doctor for tegretol tablets then get a referral to a neurologist for full bloods and mri test
You can get advice via trigeminal neuralgia association (tna)



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