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nerve injury or trigeminal neuralgia?



My wife went to the dentist In Auckland New Zealand in late November 2013 to replace two old amalgam fillings and the dentist said shes uses a Wand.
The dentist used two different types of anaesthetic and also used the wand on my wife’s cheek. I have attached a copy of the resulting visual trauma ( dark grey gum tissue - previously pink and helathy prior to appliaction of anesthetic by the use of the wand).
The next day my wife experienced severe pain in all of her teeth on her upper and lower jaw, and around her ear on the right hand side of her face.
She went back to the Dentist and was told by the receptionist that the wand is not for evetry one and then she was told by the Dentist she had a gum ulcer and was given some ulcer medicine and told to gargle with salt water.
The pain did not rescind, she went to her doctor and was diagnosed as having TN,
Subsiquently an investigation was completed by the dentists company and they found no direct link to the dentists use of the wand as they say there is no evidence ever of TN being caused by the use of the Wand.
Can you please advise if you have any knowledge of TN being caused by multiple single site application of anaesthetic using the Wand and also in the cheek?
My wife takes hi dose Tramadol  and nerve damage repair medicine which make her very drowsy and unable to function normally. 
I am really upset about this situation, my wife is usually a very together healthy person and now her quality of life has been seriously dminished and to make matters worse the dentist company calims there is no link to TN as a result of the dental treatment. I am left with a report that implies the cause of the TN must be some other disease that coincidently appeared at the same time (within one day) as the Dentist Treatment?
If you could please provide me some medical evidence of the dental wand and or dental anestihic damage tonerves being linked to cause TN even in rare cases, I would be most grateful.          
Thank you
Yours sincerely


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