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Long term implant related nerve injury


 So sorry to hear your plight 

We'd be very happy to provide you with some recent publications 
Happy to see you as a research pt too if you are so inclined
I came across your article on the internet and would love to read more about treatment options for inferior alveolar nerve damage.

Background:  I actually practiced dental hygiene in the 70’s and my first husband was an orthodontist so I have some basic knowledge.   I am in my mid-sixties and last year was faced with a mandibular second molar that was sensitive several months following a crown.   We learned by way of trying to do a root canal that the tooth was fractured thru the root and there was no other option than extraction.  Crowning, endo, and extraction were all fairly traumatic to the area because my mouth does not have a lot of room to work ….. we had a hard time getting the local to be effective then I experienced TMJ stress from these procedures.

After sufficient healing we proceeded with an implant — since the implant I have a facial touch discomfort that isn’t painful and only flares when I touch my face i.e. cleansing my face an putting on make-up.   Its been over three months and we are ready to put on the final implant crown.  The area affected is around the bicuspid/cuspid area.

I would love to hear your input on this matter and some guidance in what I should be doing.
Honestly, I thought it was temporary injury and would fade but it has not changed.

Thank you for any information you can extend
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