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implant related nerve injury


 Good Afternoon
> My Orthodontist has given me your details and I  have looked at your website with interest
> And hope you can find the time in your busy schedule to respond with some much needed advice.

> I feel I must be the most unluckiest individual ever to have come into contact with the amount of dentists that I have.
> Since a young child I have always suffered with overcrowding, many tooth extractions, fillings, and a brace all before the age if 12.

> Having only had one dentist throughout my young life, when I went for what I though was another "routine" tooth extraction 12 years ago, I am now paying for his actions ever since, and wonder where, when and how I can ever get the reconstructive measures in place to simply give me enough teeth in place to chew food that people without dental issues take for granted.

> If I can briefly explain the issue.
> After that "routine" tooth extraction from my regular dentist, he slipped and ripped my gum
> And bottom of my mouth, after walking out with extreme bleeding and being told this was normal, I simply drive home. After several hours, a huge blood clot and the inability to close my mouth, I had no alternative but to visit A&E. Unfortunately our local A&E have no dental care
> And that doctor sent me to another hospital 13 miles away.
> The upshot was, the Triage Surgeon had to remove the blood clot and reconstruct my whole gum using the floor of my mouth and was stitched up accordingly.

> Obviously I felt the need to change Dentists after that and for years accepted that I just had no teeth on the lower right hand side of my jaw and very little gum left to support if ever I needed Dentures even after the reconstructive surgery.

> I also have a recurring infection on two teeth on the upper right side which has been treated by my new dentist with antibiotics. I have an overbite, many missing teeth and at least two more teeth that would probably want removing and I thought if I lose any more teeth I am going to be in trouble, so after much consideration and my inability to chew food, it galvanised me into action and looked into implants and orthodontic work to correct my overbite and give me a "smile" To be proud of and enough teeth to chew a decent steak !

> My new dentist didn,t want to remove the two upper teeth as they were too close to a nerve, their orthodontist on site also didn,t have the experience to correct my overbite with a brace or Invisalign and didn!to want to touch me, so they referred me to another Implant specialist 30 miles away in Stafford.
> I entered in to a full 2-3 year treatment plan with them, which was to include
> 4 bone grafts, 7 implants, a sinus lift, teeth whitening, and crowns and he recommended another
> Orthodontist  he knew in Walsall for my brace to correct my overbite.

> So the procedure began in Feb 2012 with the first bone graft and implant in the lower right area where I had no teeth and it was clear a few hours after that my lip had dropped almost like I had had a stroke. A week later the area became infected and the Dentist said that jaw area had taken a battering and hoped the lip dropping would improve. The situation was that I had to be restitched approximately 8-9 more times after this as my stitches kept coming apart
> Exposing the gauze holding down the bone grafted site. I also had two more emergency trips to A&E over 6-8 weeks on top of this due to pain and stitches coming out. I was on strong antibiotics for approx 4-6 weeks.
> The lip dropping did improve to normal but was still conscious that the area was numb, but by this time I,d also been referred to the orthodontist in Walsall and had my brace put on 3 months after the bone graft and implant. So I didn,t really know whether the numbness was also contributed by having brackets on all my teeth and still presumed it was early days.

> My Orthodontist has the latest technology and whilst my bone graft and implant isn,t his problem, he has given me his opinion overall. He has done an X-ray on his 3D machine and is under the impression that a nerve somehow may have split into two ? But can't say if this is definitely the case as he  can also see the implant isn,t actually through the nerve but he hasn,t seen anything like it in his career. He gave me your website to try and help me come to terms with what may have happened and accept the fact that now 13 months on the numbness is most likely to be permanent damage.

> I am now under pressure, as last week the Dentist that did my implant says I have just 6.6mm of bone in the grafted area and if I do want any further implants in that area than I should do this sooner rather than later as he needs 6mm atleast to do this.
> He tried to remove the two screws from the first bone graft last year 2 weeks ago and only one will come out, apparently the only option to remove the other Titanium screw is to drill it out.
> The gum  overall is a sore, some bone graft is rejecting and is pushing out of my gum some 13 months later.
> I have no idea whether to continue with any more implants and risk any further numbness or even possible permanent pain. I wish I,d never started it, but nearly £6000 later I still have a gum I cannot chew on, my Orthodontist has been helpful and attends your seminars regular and has suggested I contact you for any guidance as he doesn,t want to recommend me one way or another. I am absolutely at the end of my tether with the whole lot of it, both mentally and physically. Nobody can tell me what has happened to my nerve and I,m desperate for somebody to give me some accurate advice as to whether I should continue or not.

> I look forward to hearing your reply, if you can spare the time.
> Many thanks



PLease get a referral from your dentist or doctor for a consultation
> Im not able to comment on complex histories via email

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