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Dilemmas in managing maxillary oroantral communications and fistlulae

12/1/15:        Dental Webinairs by Dr Andy Gould                                                                                                                                  
Mandy Basi John Rowson Deanery Study Day

16/1/15:        Orofacial pain Study Day, Nottingham, UK   

26/1/15:        Inter professional Pain Education" Lead Dr Emma Briggs  (13.30-17:00)  

6/2/15:          Olympia oral surgery - Dentistry LIVE Dr Amanda TICE                                                              

9/2/15:          Orofacial pain John lne Liverpool BDA  Lecture                                                                             

11/2/15:        Canterbury BAOS Aisha lecture: "Minimising Trgeminal nerve injuries"                        

26/2/15:        "50 practical tips to apply to practice for patient care" Lecture 18:00-20:30                                                                                    

4/3/15:          "Minimising and managing trigeminal nerve injuries" BDA Lecture, Reading, UK (18:45-20:45)

11-13/3/15:   "The Challenge of Chronic Pain" Meeting, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK