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Patients with nerve injuries


This lady reports how dental implant treatment caused bilateral chin lip (inferior alveolar) nerve injury causing her significant social and functional disability. She had no warnings regarding nerve injury and alarmingly she was advised to have implant treatment for ja joint pain which is not advisable. She has constant numbness and pain from her mouth since the injury over 2 years ago


This patient had bilateral tongue nerve injury that was well managed by her dentists and she had good consent preoperatively. Fortunately one half of her tongue has recovered but she still has permanent numbness of one side of her tongue.


This is a recording o a patient who experienced lingual (tongue) nerve injury during wisdom tooth removal. He experiences permanent repeated shooting pains in his tongue constantly


This young lady sustained a right lip permanent nerve injury from wisdom tooth surgery. She has constant nerve pain sopping her form sleeping, eating and drinking properly


This young lady sustained left tongue nerve injury during wisdom tooth nerve surgery. She has sustained a permanent nerve injury affecting her speech severely and other aspects of her life. She has lost her job as a result and is significantly compromised by her injury