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Presenting at the International Team Implantology conference London Sept 1st


 I was invited to speak to many hundreds of Implantologists attending their annual scientific meeting in London on September 1st. I must congratulate the scientific organising committee for suggesting a plenary session on controverisal areas of implantology.

An excellent presentation was given by Porf Nik Donos who talked about whether patients should have their existing teeth treated rather than removed form implants. He highlighted that in many cases the prognosis of existing apparently poor condition teeth were as good as implant longevty. But of course this depends upon the patient, medical, oral hygeine and dental maintenance factors. Prof Paul Palmer also spoke aout using implants with support from adjacent teeth.

This gave me an opportunity to talk to many practitioners undertaking implant work on the risk actirs, diagnosis and management of trigeminal nerve injuries related to implants. I welcome those clinicians visiting the site and look forward to their input.