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launching our new website


 Welcome to our website on trigeminal nerve injuries which we launched today. This is such a great opportunity to focus information relating to these injuries in a single location. Both patients and dentists are significantly affected by these injuries when they happen and information is often innaccessible further isolating both patient and clinician.


This site is intended to;

  • give valuable and timely information to patients and clinicians when these unfortunate events occur
  • facilitate optimum care for patients with nerve injuries
  • advise and assist dentists in managing patients with nerve injury
  • highlight developments that minimise risk of nerve injury during dental care


We hope that you find this site interesting and engaging. The site will continue to develop with the emergence of a new mechaism for patient referral starting later this year. We will update CPD every month wth new relevant lectures. With your continued support, interest and feedback we hope that this site will meet the needs of all those affected.